The Anti-Incumbent Party will be voting against all U.S. Congressional incumbents again in November of 2010.

We all know now that there is very little difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties. The two ruling parties only represent us at election time. For them, it is all about getting re-elected to office.

We must vote for what is best for America, to save America.

We must vote every U.S. Congressional incumbent out of office in November of 2010.

We must impose our own term-limits on the U.S. Congress.

The message must be perfectly clear.

We the American people will no longer permit the U.S. Congress to do business as usual.

Vote all U.S. Congressional incumbents out of office in November 2010.

Let’s save America for our children and grandchildren.


  1. After 30 years of voting as a Republican and then 10 years as a Democrat, I have learned that when the scum rises to the top of the congressional pot, the Republicans are on top and the Democrats not far below.

    Until real change, give me term-limits; I will vote them all out until there is a clean sweep of congress.

  2. Let's take term limits one step further, to the top of the pile, the presidency. Why not just go with a single 6 year term, that way the in seat president won't be spending our hard earned money running for office during his entire 4th term. It happens every time, we essentially loose an entire year of leadership...whether good or bad.