The new Anti-Incumbent Party will be voting against all U.S. Congressional incumbents in November of 2010

We all know now that there is very little difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties. The two ruling parties only represent us at election time. For them, it is all about getting re-elected to office.

We must vote for what is best for America, to save America.

We must vote every U.S. Congressional incumbent out of office in November of 2010.

We must impose our own term-limits on the U.S. Congress.

The message must be perfectly clear.

We the American people will no longer permit the U.S. Congress to do business as usual.

Vote all U.S. Congressional incumbents out of office in November 2010.

Let’s save America for our children and grandchildren.


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  4. The bailout blame game won’t work here. Both the Democrats and Republicans are all guilty as sin. They have collectively bankrupted America. Vote them out.

  5. The bailout is the biggest heist in American history. With the $700,000,000,000 Bailout, President Bush wants to facilitate the future downsizing of government at the taxpayers’ expense.